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Fleet vehicles and related equipment for utilities are very important assets of an organization and have a direct impact on the achievement of corporate goals.

This is why, in today’s note, we are looking at the main challenges frequently faced by fleet managers in the utility sector.

Variety of vehicles and geographic coordination

Fleet managers usually work with a wide variety of road and off-road vehicles. Like medium-duty trucks, utility vehicles, backhoes, boom trucks, and a variety of portable and specialized equipment that bring great challenges in terms of the mobilization of the units, coordination of maintenance and repairs, and control of the antiquity of the fleet.

Also, fleet operations often include shared vehicle engine groups, for engineers and corporate personnel, as well as specialized wheel teams, which need to be evacuated daily.

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Variation of vehicles and aging fleets

Utility fleet vehicles tend to vary widely and can be highly specialized to fulfill specific functions.

These functions are often critical to the continued operation of utilities, such as electricity or cellular service. And while these vehicles serve critical needs, utility fleet managers often face inconsistent funding that leads to aging fleets.

Recruiting & Retirement of Technicians

Fleet managers are also struggling to find new talent. As a generation of utility fleet technicians age into retirement, fleets lack candidates to fill their positions.

In response to technician shortages, public sector fleets are struggling to improve mechanic productivity by reworking technician job descriptions and basing promotions and salary increases on performance rather than seniority.

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Risk has always been a fundamental concern for any company, and it will surely continue to be a protagonist for the remainder of the year. Driver education and the need to establish a responsible driving culture are among the main challenges for the fleet manager.

Thanks to technological advances, fleet specialists can rely on technology to help address, simplify and optimize this process, especially with the use of telematics and connected car solutions.

A high-tech future

With new vehicle technology changes occurring each model year, it is increasingly difficult for public sector fleets to keep up with more complex diagnostic and repair problems.

While it is a fact that technology is helping companies become more efficient, this will also pose a challenge for companies who will have to leverage their investments in technology.

At BDS, we have the latest tools and technology to meet the needs of all your vehicles, regardless of make, model, or year.

New fuels to reduce emissions

The demonization of diesel and the country’s commitment to reduce emissions from road transport will make the industry start looking towards other types of greener fuels. Besides, there is a growing variety of electric and hybrid commercial vehicles.

While many organizations have been cautious about introducing electric vehicles and other types of alternative fuels into their fleets, this is a time for fleet managers to review their long-term strategies to ensure their fleets can tackle the future.

Fleet maximization

This is perhaps one of the most important challenges for utility fleet managers who must always look for ways to optimize the fleet utilization and vehicle replacement cycle.

These strategic asset management initiatives are designed to eliminate unnecessary capital expenditures in the fleet acquisition budget and reallocate units that are not being used.

Also, fleet departments are looking to use improved asset management systems to maximize the elimination of unnecessary operational expenses and other “indirect costs” associated with managing fleet maintenance.

These are just some of the main challenges that fleet managers in the utility area face every day, and at BDS Fleet Service, we want to help!

If you have questions or queries about how we can assist, you can reach us at 📧 service@bdsfleet.ca or call us at ☎️ (416) 756-5671.