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One of the topics at the AFLA Canada 2020 Fleet Summit was the Canadian Commercial Fleet Trends that Keith McLaughlin, President & Publisher of Canadian Automotive Fleet, presented to us.

In 2018 413,212 vehicle fleets had been registered. Of that, 106,515 correspond to car fleets and the remaining 306,697 to light trucks. Moreover, our market is dominated by small fleets, where 75% have less than 10 vehicles. However, the average size of the commercial fleets in our country is 20 units, which have stable nature of business and have an annual growth of about 5% up to 2018 where fleet sales up by 2%.

These data are of great value since before reviewing the new trends, we must understand what has happened and is happening in our market.

The first trend that Mr. Keith McLaughlin introduced to us was the Electric Vehicles, and that is because more and more companies are considering and trying to move their fleets to this recent technology, which will surely bring great benefits in terms of cost, safety, security, and protection of the environment, but which also brings great challenges in how to operate and maintain these units in the best way.

The second trend focused on Policy, and it is that when we work with vehicles it is increasingly important that companies strive to ensure that their drivers respect and comply with the laws established by our government. And the best way to achieve this is to offer your drivers vehicles that are in optimal conditions to operate, in addition to training, coaching, and activities that responsibly educate the people behind the wheel. 

Also, in this same trend, the importance of everything related to the adoption of connectivity and telematics was discussed, and how companies are taking more and more actions to offer mobility to drivers while guaranteeing an excellent service to consumers.

The third trend that we are recommended to watch is the Vehicle Industry since more and more OEMs are adjusting all their manufacturing processes to offer flexible ways that allow vehicles to be delivered easily and quickly to the fleet segment.

Globalization is the latest trend, although it is not a new term, it is always constantly changing and we must all pay attention to it. In Keith’s presentation, we are recommended to review how more and more the U.S and European parent companies have greater participation and are part of the decision-making processes of the large national and global companies that have vehicle fleets.

As we see, we have several points and issues that require our attention and that in times as changing as these, require an additional effort on our part to keep us informed and alert of these important trends to which the sector is moving.

Photographs provided by AFLA.