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The logistics industry presents many challenges in its day-to-day while meeting the needs of its customers. Clients have become more complex and expect quicker and more personalized services.

This is where the role of Logistics Managers and Fleet Managers are connected. Both must ensure that the company’s vehicles are available and in their best condition to meet the market demands.

Some of the challenges that fleet managers typically face in this industry are:


The units must be customized in such a way that it is easy and fast for drivers and dispatchers to fulfill their tasks and deliver packages on time. For this, BDS recommends that you schedule an appointment with a Fleet Service Specialist to help you evaluate the areas for improvement within each unit.


Responsible managers must make sure they have an automotive service provider that is capable of keeping all units in perfect condition and meeting last-minute needs, quickly and in a timely manner. In our shop, we offer flexible working hours that are tailored to the needs of our customers, on-site mechanics and mobile service units that will allow you to keep your vehicles on the road and less time in the shop.

Internal collaboration 

“Logistics service providers face the same challenges today as they did a few years ago,” says Logistic View Points in a study. Many areas within a company tend to change their processes, however fleet managers do not always do so. At BDS, we suggest working with suppliers that support you by creating preventive maintenance plans, scheduling periodic reviews and consulting on lifecycle management for the entire fleet. That allows fleet managers to have the ability to plan and forecast different situations in the short and long term. 

Working with shops that have strategic alliances with suppliers in the area for warranty, recall and parts, as well as strong relationships with fleet management companies, will facilitate and streamline many tasks and processes.

At BDS Fleet Service, we have a group of talented fleet specialists and certified mechanics who will help you address and improve your units according to your needs.