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At BDS, we are aware that a commercial vehicle in good condition is more effective, efficient, profitable, and above all, safer.

The trucks used in the transport of goods usually make long trips with heavy loads and are exposed to varied and complex climatic conditions. This is why paying attention to certain elements can ensure a safe trip.

In the shop, our experts recommend:

1. Check tire wear and depth

The most basic point for proper truck tire maintenance begins by checking the tread depth of the wheels periodically, in this way grip and traction will be guaranteed. The shallow depth of the tire pattern is the signal that tells us that it is time to change them.

2. Monitor truck tire pressure 

At BDS, we recommend checking the pressure of the truck’s tires once a month, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Due to use, it is normal for the wheels to lose some pressure, and a tire that is low on air for the load it is carrying will develop irregular wear, increase fuel consumption, overheat more and suffer premature wear.

3. Tire balancing

 If we want to prolong the useful life of truck tires, we must ensure that they are correctly balanced. In this way, not only will we avoid annoying vibrations while driving, but also prevent premature tire wear.

4. Keep valves in good condition

Although the valves of the truck are metallic, they also endup deteriorating over time. We must be vigilant in case we notice higher-than-normal pressure losses. If so, the time will have come to change them.

5. Clean and dry air

Truck tires are designed to run on clean, dry air, so the quality of the air also affects their effectiveness. We need to make sure that the air compressors have filters and dryers that guarantee that the air that is injected into the tire is clean and dry. Otherwise, if the air is contaminated with water, the humidity could break the inner lining of the tires.

6. Clean tires 

Weather conditions cause tires to fill with dirt, snow, ice, icy road salt, or other debris that gets stuck in the tire grooves, which can cause the rubber to deteriorate if not removed. Our experts recommended cleaning the tires with warm water and soap, always avoiding the use of chemical products derived from petroleum or other solvents, as they are very corrosive and can damage the tires.

As you have seen throughout the note, tires play a fundamental role in maintaining the life of our trucks. But these are just some of the many elements that we must review periodically.

Get in touch with our experts and let us ensure a smooth ride!

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