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  • Are electric vehicles the future of fleets?
  • Advantages of choosing electric cars.

The rise of electric vehicles has been enormous in recent years. Each year, more private companies as well as public organizations decide to push towards electric mobility. Great news for the planet and a continued boost to the electric car sector.

In fact, many people see them as the future, not only of fleets but also of urban transport and the automotive industry.

But, what is the reason for this boom?

Besides the tax incentives and government support, these innovative vehicles also offer:

Protection of the environment and reduction of CO2 emissions

As they don’t need internal combustion to function, they don’t emit harmful gases or polluting particles that increase global warming, affecting the health of living beings.

Higher long-term profitability

Cost savings analysis shows lifetime profitability compared to traditional vehicles.

Less noise pollution

Electric motors are less noisy than combustion engines, generating comfort when driving. Additionally, they reduce noise pollution, which is one of the causes of hearing loss suffered by more than 360 million people in the world, of which 32 million are children.

They are more profitable

The cost per kilometer of electric cars is substantially lower than that of combustion engine cars. Although the performance depends on the model, the final value of the energy consumption of an electric motor is less than that of a gasoline or diesel model, which is an excellent attraction for fleets that are looking for cars, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles that offer them this benefit.

Comfortable driving

Electric cars don’t have a gear transmission system since their engine works thanks to a single change that progressively advances in speed similarly to automatic vehicles. The above gives comfort and simplicity to drive.

They’re safe

Electric models provide the same or better safety than those with a combustion engine. But, its additional plus is that the batteries, located in the lower part, reduce the center of gravity. That gives the car more stability and reduces the possibility of a rollover.

In addition to some of the benefits above, there are different tools and software on the market designed to support the efforts of fleet managers. These generate an analysis for the adoption of the vehicles, allow managers to create electrification strategies for the vehicle fleet, and at the same time have financial analysis, load reports, personalized notifications, and much more in real-time. 

Taking all this into consideration, at BDS, we have been proactive in training and educating our technicians to allow them to work more efficiently on electric vehicles. 

Contact us if you need support on this matter!

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