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With the government-imposed measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, you and your family are probably using your vehicle less, which is good for your health but not for your car.

We wanted to take the opportunity to share some tips so that you can take care of your vehicle and hopefully avoid unnecessary problems.

Check the battery

The battery is one of the first things that could go wrong when having your vehicle parked for a long time. Keeping it charged is easy. You only need to start your car at least once a week and drive it for a short time (A trip around your neighborhood will be more than enough).

Check fluids

Do not forget to check and properly maintain the oil and transmission fluids of your vehicle. This will definitely avoid future issues. 

Take care of the tire pressure

The tire pressure in your vehicle may change because your car is now parked and the tires are not moving from the same position. This situation can damage the tires and compromise their performance, putting your and your family safety at risk. That is why we suggest checking your tire pressure regularly.

Check the brakes

When left unused, brake rotors can begin to develop rust on the surface of the rotors. If you leave your parking brake engaged for a long period of time, it can actually cause the brake pads to bind to the rotors. 

So if you do not plan to use your vehicle for more than a month, we recommend that you leave the parking brake off (Obviously when the surface allows it).

Protect it from pests

While rats and other pests are not part of the vehicle, long-term parked cars can easily become the home for these animals. For this reason, we recommend that you make sure that the area where you leave your vehicle is safe and free of pests. We also suggest you open the hood and check, at least once a week, if there are signs in your vehicle that an animal was nearby. The risk is that these intruders have bitten or chewed on your vehicle’s cables or belts, causing serious problems in the future.

Take care of the vehicle exterior

Is your vehicle exposed to the weather all the time? If your answer is Yes, we recommend washing it at least once a week to help keep the paint in good condition. Moreover, this can be an entertaining activity to share with all family members, and better now that temperatures are starting to rise.

Remember that our shop located at 390 Midwest Rd is still open and at your service in case you need assistance on any of these points.