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HOURS | MON-FRI 7am-6pm

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With a lack of new fleet vehicle production, fleets are more reliant on vehicle maintenance and repairs. Finding reliable shops/suppliers to work with is essential for the vehicles of your company or business.

Some details can be decisive when choosing the ideal shop for your company, and that’s why we want to review some key points in this article.

1. Authorized shop

By law, every automotive shop must be authorized with a license at the entrance that identifies and accredits it to carry out the corresponding activity. It never hurts to check that the shop meets everything necessary to operate.

2. Formality and guarantee

Making sure that the shop sends estimates formally before starting any repair and that they deliver the breakdown of the invoice and the old parts at the end of the project will always give peace of mind.

It’s also important to remember that the repair guarantee is set at 2,000 km or 3 months.

3. References

When a friend or colleague tells us about his experience and gives us his good references, we tend to trust his recommendation. When it comes to knowing how to choose a shop, it is no exception. It always gives peace of mind to leave your cars where others are already satisfied.

It never hurts to check the reviews of other clients on the internet and what they have had to say.

4. Order and cleanliness

The workspace is an extension of how you work. It may not be a decisive factor, but if there is order and cleanliness, it’s more likely that the work will be more organized and the delivery of the vehicle more pleasant.

Paying attention to small details when visiting the shop is a good practice. We recommend looking at the conditions in which the rest of the vehicles are, if they have an ordered space, or if they give clear repair deadlines and detailed budgets, etc.

5. Value for money

Price is always a factor to consider when choosing. What is cheap can be expensive, so this aspect should never be left aside. However, this shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of your products, repairs or offers. Being clear about all the details of the project will always give you more tools to decide if the value for money is good.

**Extra benefits**

If, in addition to those 5 points, the shop you want has at least one extra benefit, surely it will be a suitable option.

1. Kindness and closeness

It’s always nice when you’re treated kindly and close. You must be able to ask the mechanic about possible faults with the vehicle without fear and feel comfortable during the visit.

2. Availability

Choosing a mechanical workshop with availability and/or flexibility, both in terms of hours and access to it (being able to stop or park comfortably), will always facilitate the entire repair and maintenance process.

3. Experience

Working with a qualified and experienced team is always great. From the person who answers the phone, the executive who sees your business and the assigned mechanic, should be able to answer all the questions you may have.

At BDS, we like to think that we accomplish all of the items on this list, but we hope you will check it out for yourselves.

We are waiting for you in the shop at 📍 390 Midwest Road, Toronto, Ontario, M1P 3B5.

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