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Most vehicle fleet managers are aware of the difficulty in finding drivers, the increase in expenses due to the rise in fuel costs and the lack of vehicle inventory.

This year, the main trends focused on solving these and other issues.

In this article, we tell you what the 6 main trends for fleet management will be in 2023.

     1. Digitization of processes

As you know, the digitization of processes is still a pending issue for many transport and logistics companies. Technologies such as the “Internet of Things” and applications will allow you to reduce travel times, connect vehicles and centralize tasks.

     2. Greater cost control

With the rise in fuel prices (close to 30% compared to 2021), surely your costs have skyrocketed considerably. Therefore, in 2023, companies will take great care of this aspect. And to achieve this, you will also have a basic tool in new technologies.

     3. Fleet electrification

The purchase of electric vehicles had already been commonplace in transport companies. But the increases in fuel will make this trend intensify in 2023 as one of the ways to save costs. It is still too soon for this technology to be established in heavy-duty vehicles, but progress will continue on it.

To all this, we must add that fleet management systems make the management of electric vehicles increasingly easier. The monitoring of the battery level, the location of charging points, or the planning of routes based on the autonomy of the vehicles, for example, are functionalities that are already being incorporated, and that allow companies to be able to manage their electric fleet with the same accuracy as other vehicles.

     4. Concern for the driver

Among the logistics trends for 2023, there is also a significant concern for the driver, so this year measures will continue to be implemented to guarantee their rest times, and their safety and to give them a greater role in the entire transport process.

Discomfort and the lack of drivers are a reality in the sector, and caring for workers is the best way to counteract them.

     5. Integration of different tools

Surely, you already use different technological instruments in your company to optimize the management of your fleet. But they will be much more useful to you if they can be integrated and work together.

     6. Cybersecurity

Another trend in fleet management this year is improving security in digital media. As you know, it is increasingly important to protect customer privacy due to cybercrime.

Although all these trends help us to remain attentive to the needs and challenges of the sector, we cannot forget to ensure that the service units of our companies are in optimal condition to carry out the assigned work.

In the shop, we not only advise you on industry trends, but we are also capable of optimizing your units to respond to the needs of your drivers, companies, and the sector in general.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support you, please contact us. Our technicians and project managers will be happy to accept any challenge your fleets are facing.

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