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If we have learned something, it’s that no matter how many times we have changed the tires on our vehicles, doubts and questions always arise concerning winter tires.

That’s why we asked one of our service specialists, Jason Ajram, to share with us some of the most frequently asked questions we received at the shop.

Why do I need winter tires if my vehicle has all-wheel-drive?

Well, the advantage of having all-wheel drive is that you are easily able to gain forward momentum for a stop. However, your vehicle doesn’t have the proper ability to stop or steer in slippery conditions. Winter tires give you the capability to maneuver and stop safely.

I have tires for all seasons. Doesn’t that mean I can wear them in the winter?

First of all, winter tires are designed with a specially formulated rubber compound that remains soft in cold weather, better aiding your vehicle to grip the road. Additionally, winter tires have specially designed tread patterns that disperse snow and sleet superior to an all-season tire tread pattern. Remember that winter tires are not only for snow but also for low temperatures.

Is there a big difference between winter tires and all-season tires? Why do prices vary so drastically?

When considering different tire brands, keep in consideration that R&D, marketing, and proprietary materials, affect the cost of a tire. Canada prides itself on one of the strictest safety regulations and ensures all manufacturers abide by them. So, whether the tire was made in China or the USA, all manufacturers are held to the same high safety standards.

Hopefully this insight will help you while making the winter tire decisions for your fleet. To discuss in more detail, please feel free to connect with one of our fleet specialists.

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