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HOURS | MON-FRI 7am-6pm

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One of the newest Service Solutions that we offer in our shop is Up-Fitting. And what we’re talking about here is commercial vehicle and truck up-fitting, which is where your fleet vehicle is taken from the manufacturer to a specialist to be equipped for the specific needs of your business. 

When a new vehicle is purchased in a retail setting, the consumer receives the finished product and it’s ready to hit the road right away. When it comes to commercial or fleet vehicles, taking delivery of the vehicle is just the start of the process of getting it ready to do the job it’s being ordered for.

The BDS Up-Fitting department is responsible for advising you on this type of project, up-fitting the vehicle according to your needs, and delivering it in the indicated time frame.

Our up-fitting process at BDS is simple and clear:

Step 1 – Meeting 

A meeting/information session with our clients to understand the scale of the project, delivery times and the client’s aspirations.

Step 2 – Strategic Sourcing

We contact our suppliers and key contacts to ensure we procure the right equipment for the project with special attention to quality, cost and timeline.

Step 3 – Service Proposal

At this stage, we present our service proposal and project numbers. We always offer suggestions and recommendations that could make a big difference.

Step 4 – Pre-Production

Even though the vehicles have not arrived at our facility yet, we are staying in regular contact with the vehicle manufacturer and our suppliers on delivery timelines as we prepare to start the build.

Step 5 – Up-Fitting process begins

Our technicians and specialists begin the Up-Fitting process, while our administrative team is in charge of coordinating details internally and externally, communicating the status of the project.

Step 6 – Post-Production // Quality Control

Every vehicle goes through a final inspection before notifying the client of its conclusion. This quality control process guarantees the delivery of vehicles in perfect condition complying with all the requirements agreed in the planning process.

Once final inspection is complete, we coordinate delivery with our clients and the efforts of our Driver Services team.

Like with any purchase, it can easily feel like costs are getting away from you as you start to add all the things you need for a successful up-fit. That’s why a clear process and successful planning can make a difference.

Get in touch with us and let us advise you on up-fitting your units.