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Installing the right equipment for the job is a decisive factor in running a successful business. This can also lead to happier employees and the productivity of your drivers will surely increase.

The installation of shelves, drawers, partitions, and other elements, not only facilitates the work of your teams, it saves the company time and money. Additionally, it will allow your employees to provide quality, agile and safe service to your customers.

The proper up-fitting helps you keep your units looking tidy and professional. It can also protect fragile equipment from sudden movements, improve visibility inside the vehicle and protect your employees from injury. In the event of an accident, having all of your equipment secured and in the right place could save lives.

With a wide range of products and configurations in the up-fitting market, choosing the best option for your fleet vehicles is not an easy task.

Before making any decisions, the fleet specialists at BDS recommend to do the following:

List the equipment that travels in the vehicle

Review and list all equipment, tools, parts, and products expected to be transported in your unit on a daily basis. This will allow you to understand what your storage needs are and what equipment you could use to organize your unit.

Organize the equipment depending on its use

Arrange and organize equipment depending on the level of use that is given to it. This will ensure your technicians have easy access to the tools they use most frequently.

Select the correct material depending on your needs

Consider the material of the equipment that you will install in your units. If you are looking to keep your costs down, traditional steel interiors are often the best option. If fuel economy is important, we recommend lightweight materials, made of composite materials or aluminum.

Another point to consider when selecting the material is noise. Many fleets are turning to composite storage systems due to the noise reduction capabilities inside the unit.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that each project, vehicle, and business is different, so the needs will always be different. Get in touch with our expert Up-Fitting team, who can guide and advise you throughout the process.

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